How To Pronounce Gyro

A gyro is a Greek dish made of meat roasted on a spit. The word “gyro” is pronounced “yee-roh.”

How To Pronounce Gyro

Gyro is a Greek dish that is made from lamb or beef that is cooked on a spit. It is then sliced and served with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, onions, and fries. The word “gyro” is pronounced “jee-roh.”

-Gyroscope -Pronunciation guide

  • Gyro
  • Form the g and y sounds as you would normally
  • Add an r sound in between to create the gyro pronunciation

Gyro can be pronounced in two ways: JEE-roh or GEE-roh. The first way, JEE-roh, is the most common way to say it and is how it is typically spelled. The second way, GEE-roh, is a more Greek pronunciation and is used by some people who are of Greek descent. No matter which pronunciation you use, the word always means the same thing – a Greek dish made of meat cooked on a

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Pronounced Gyro Or Yeero?

The word ‘gyro’ is typically pronounced with a hard ‘g’ sound, like ‘guy-ro’. However, the word ‘yeero’ is also an acceptable pronunciation, and is more similar to the way the word is spelled.

Is The G Pronounced In Gyro?

The ‘G’ in gyro is pronounced.

Is It Pronounced Hero Or Gyro?

The word “gyro” is typically pronounced with a hard “g” sound, like “guy-ro”. The word “hero” is typically pronounced with a soft “h” sound, like “he-ro”.

Is Gyro An American Word?

Yes, gyro is an American word. It was first used in the early 20th century and is derived from the Greek word for “circle.”

Why Is Gyro Pronounced Differently?

Gyro is pronounced differently because the “g” is not pronounced like a “g” in “girl”. The “g” in gyro is pronounced like a “y” in “yes”.

How Do You Pronounce Gyro In America?

Gyro is pronounced like “jai-roh.”

Is The G Silent In Gyro?

The G in gyro is not silent.

In Closing

Gyro is pronounced with a hard “G” sound, as in “gonna.”

How To Pronounce Gyro

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