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Bitcoin Long-Term Holders Hold 78% Of Supply, Highest Ever

On-chain data shows Bitcoin long-term holders now hold 78% of the total circulating supply, the highest value the metric has ever seen. Bitcoin Long-Term Holders Are Sitting On 78% Of The Total Supply As pointed out by an analyst on Twitter, the divergence between the long-term holders and the short-term holders is at its greatest […]

Australia introduces classification for crypto assets

Following the global regulatory race, Australia opened the public consultation on its own taxonomy of crypto assets. The national regulators propose to distinguish four major types of products related to the crypto industry.  On Feb. 3, the Australian Treasury released a consultation paper on “Token Mapping,” announcing it as a foundational step in the Government’s […]

Addressable Raises $7.5 Million to Help Web3 Marketers Reach Their Audiences – News Bitcoin News

Addressable, a decentralized marketing startup, has raised $7.5 million in its seed round to tackle the current marketing woes in the Web3 area. The company claims its software can pair the onchain addresses of users with their social accounts, giving Web3 marketers more knowledge about their audiences to make efficient advertising campaigns in the crypto […]

One Year Later: Federal Investigators Eyeing Squiggles NFT Creators For Wire Fraud & Money Laundering

It’s been a year since we first covered the story surrounding Squiggles, an NFT rugpull that was traced down with a full-fledged manifesto. The NFT market has seen so much come and go since this time, but the story of Squiggles has at least one more chapter left in it. Reports have emerged on Thursday […]

Bear Market Setbacks Have Left Bitcoin Miners Behind Their Gold Counterparts

Digital gold mining companies suffered harsher drawdowns than their legacy counterparts in 2022. Bitcoin’s prominent memetic narrative as “digital gold” begs a comparison to the real yellow metal. But since the advent of Bitcoin, comparative perspectives of the mining sectors underlying both assets are too often missing. In May 2022, this author published data on […]

Logan Paul and CryptoZoo sued in class action lawsuit

CryptoZoo and Logan Paul have been named as defendants in a newly filed class-action lawsuit, which alleges they stole millions of dollars worth of purchaser’s cryptocurrency via a “fraudulent venture.” In a court filing on Feb. 2 in the District Court of the Western District of Texas, plaintiff Don Holland alleged that Paul and executives […]

Robert Kiyosaki Discusses Why Gold, Silver, Bitcoin Are Rising Higher – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

The famous author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has shared his view on why the prices of gold, silver, and bitcoin are rising higher. Noting that silver is cheap right now, Kiyosaki urged investors to buy a silver coin and start getting richer. Robert Kiyosaki Bullish on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin […]

99 Year Old Charlie Munger Calls for Crypto Ban

Key Takeaways Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charlie Munger called on the United States to ban crypto altogether. The 99-year-old criticized the crypto industry for some of its predatory tokenomic practices. In 2021 Munger called crypto “disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization.” Share this article 99-year-old billionaire Charlie Munger thinks the lack of regulation […]

Indian Retail Chain Enables CBDC Payments In Stores

Digital currency is becoming popular as several countries have begun launching their own central bank digital currency (CBDC) while promoting its adoption. In today’s news, India’s largest retail chain, Reliance Retail, announced that it had added support for the CBDC digital rupee payments in its stores’ lines.  According to the retail chain, it plans to […]

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