Ethereum gas price spikes 29% in January as user activity grows: Report

Stepping into 2023, the cryptocurrency market seemingly shrugged off the year-long bearish sentiment from 2022. As investors took notice, the long-awaited price corrections had a significant reaction, showcased through on-chain activities on the Ethereum blockchain. According to a data report from Analytex, Ethereum’s average gas price — calculated in terms of the smallest Ether (ETH) denomination, […]

Elementus Raises $10 Million to Bring Clear Blockchain Analytics to Institutional Customers – Blockchain Bitcoin News

Elementus, a New York-based blockchain firm, has raised $10 million as part of its Series A-2 funding round, led by Web3 VC company Parafi Capital. The raise, which values the company at $160 million, aims to allow Elementus to keep improving its processes for providing effective and sound blockchain analytics to Web3 companies and government […]

The Curious Case Of The $4M Webaverse Hack

Raising capital in the crypto environment can bring a unique and unparalleled set of challenges. Look no further than the ever-curious case of Webaverse, a firm building a game engine and MMO (massive multiplayer online game) inspired by metaverse characteristics. The Webaverse team took a brutal hit recently after suffering a ~$4M social engineering exploit. […]

Bitcoin Miner Stronghold Announces Agreement Changes with WhiteHawk Finance, Foundry

The changes are designed to better situate the company for their future endeavors. Stronghold Digital Mining, with WhiteHawk Finance LLC, has announced ratifications to their original credit agreement according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. In addition to this announcement, Stronghold has entered a new two year contract with Foundry Digital, replacing their […]

SBF’s lawyers move to block release of bail guarantors’ identities

The names of two guarantors who signed off on part of Sam Bankman-Fried’s $250 million bail bond will continue to remain a secret for now. A judge has also rejected an agreement that would have permitted Bankman-Fried to use certain messaging apps. Bankman Fried’s lawyers filed an appeal to block the release of the guarantors’ […]

Investment Manager Predicts Gold Could Hit $3,000 This Year – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

Investment management and advisory firm Goehring & Rozencwajg expects gold to hit record highs this year. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see a $3,000 price this year,” said an executive of the firm. “It’s time for people to want to be bullish on gold.” Gold Heading for ‘Record Highs’ This Year Investment firm Goehring & […]

Genesis and Gemini Reach Agreement in Principle

Key Takeaways Genesis, Digital Currency Group, and Gemini announced yesterday they had reached an agreement in principle. The restructuring plan involves Genesis Global Trading being brought under Genesis Global Holdco. Gemini will contribute up to $100 million to making Gemini Earn clients whole. Share this article After weeks of tense back-and-forths, Digital Currency Group, Genesis, […]

Will Bitcoin See A Valentine’s Day Massacre Or Can Bulls Get Back To $24,000?

The price of Bitcoin has returned to sideways action following a massive rally from its yearly lows at around $16,400. The cryptocurrency has been trending to the upside on favorable macroeconomic winds, but uncertainty remains king and could hinder any bullish momentum. Bitcoin Vs. Pow-Pow, A Bull-Run In The Making As of this writing, the […]

What I’ve Learned Onboarding Merchants In Portugal To Bitcoin

Lessons learned by one expat Bitcoiner living in Portugal, who decided the merchants at her local market needed the Lightning Network. This is an opinion editorial by Holly Young, a Portuguese resident who operates the Bitcoin Tribe Algarve meetup. Bitcoin communities are on the rise in the south of Portugal. A number of initiatives are […]

12 tips to help crypto and blockchain companies win VC funding

It’s no secret venture capitalists react to prevailing market conditions when making decisions, and amid global economic uncertainty, entrepreneurs from across industries are finding that VC funds are more difficult to come by these days. This is especially true for crypto and blockchain companies, which have to overcome not only a knowledge barrier but also […]

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